My QSL cards

Here you see the history of my QSL cards from the present to the past.

Furthermore I would like to give you some information of printing and sending QSLs with [internal link] GlobalQSL and [internal link] eQSL services.

My current QSL card:

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My current eQSL:

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My special QSL card for portable activities:


My QSL card of my holidays on Samos Island (Greece) in Oct. 2009:


My old QSL card:

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My very old QSL card:

unfortunately I haven't found an original card of my former call DC3BT up to now.

My old eQSL:

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If you want to receive one of these beautyful cards look for me on the bands ;-)



[external link] GlobalQSL is a really great service of Azar Hami (4X6MI) and Paul Gross (4X6UU) which allows you to send QSL cards world wide without printing and filling them in and many more advantages. How ist this possible? It works in this way:

  • You create your QSL with the GlobalQSL online editor (you can also upload already existing images).
  • Then you purchase a credit for a given number (100 or 1,000) of QSL cards.
  • You upload an [external link] ADIF file (which most log programs can export) with your QSO data to GlobalQSL.
  • GlobalQSL prints your QSLs with your QSO data (up 5 QSOs per station on one card).
    The costs are subtracted from your credit.
  • GlobalQSL forwards your QSLs to the QSL bureau.
  • The QSL bureau distributes your QSLs to the various stations.
    That's it!

You'll no more handwrite your QSLs or print labels! Isn't it great?

Some more advantages:

  • You can create cards for special events even if you have only a small number of QSLs to send.
  • If some information (e.g. your address) changes you simply change your QSL design. No waste cards anymore!
  • Both sides in colour, front in high gloss.

You can also order (old fashioned) blank cards, e.g. for sending them directly or for "eye-to-eye QSOs". If you do this you'll be impressed of the high printing quality.

Web Links:

[external link] GlobalQSL

[external link] eHAM reviews

[external link] Experiences of Hans, PD0AC



[external link] is a service for sending QSLs completely digitally. No paper QSLs are necessary for sending a QSL to another eQSL participant. It does not work equivalent to e-mails. The eQSLs sent are only available in a web accessable database. But you can download an image file of each eQSL for printing by yourself.

This is a very quick way of confirming QSOs. Some log programs (e.g. [external link] Ham Radio Deluxe) support automatic upload of QSOs logged in real time without any user interaction.

A disadvantage is that eQSLs are not accepted for most awards (like DXCC etc.). But offers some own "eAwards".

With the query below you can check if there are already eQSLs waiting for you (no eQSL account necessary):

Enter your callsign to see if you have an eQSL waiting!


Web Links:

[external link]

[external link] eHAM reviews