My favourite amateur radio links

([internal link] Here you will find more links to amateur radio related web sites in German language)


General useful links up top

[external link] DXzone
Huge dierectory of amateur radio web sites

[external link]
Many articles, reviews, news mainly from the users

Blogs, Podcasts up top

[external link]
Amateur radio video podcast and blog

[external link] K7AGE's Channel @ YouTube
Amateur radio videos (specials: amateur satelite, PSK31, ...)

[external link] Soldersmoke by M0HBR und K7LR
A homebrew podcast


Contests, awards up top

[external link] Bayerischer Bergtag [in German language]
Annual portable contest on VHF, UHF and SHF in Bavaria and surroundings

[external link] SOTA (Summits On The Air)
Official homepage
(more SOTA links: [internal link] here)


CW - Morse telegraphy up top

[external link] - Learn CW Online by DJ1YFK
Here you can learn or improve CW online without any software installation, just with the browser and soundcard


Events, exhibitions up top

[external link] AMTEC Saarbr├╝cken [in German language]
Amateur radio exhibition and flea market in Saarbr├╝cken

[external link] HAM RADIO
International Amateur radio exhibition in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance

[external link] Interradio Hannover [in German language]
Amateur radio exhibition in Hannover

[external link] Rheintal Electronica [in German language]
Computer, electronics- and radio flea market in Durmersheim (near Karlsruhe)

[external link] UKW-Tagung Weinheim [in German language]
Annual meeting of VHF, UHF and SHF amateurs in Weinheim


Forums, discussion groups up top

[external link] Echolink
Yahoo discussion group for all questions regarding Echolink the disputed Voice-over-IP communication for amateur radio

[external link] "Electric Handbag" - Yahoo Group for FT290R, FT690R and FT790R users
This is a discussion group for owners of the Yaesu FT-290R 2m multi mode tranceiver and its derivates like FT-290R II, FT-690, FT-790.
All hints and questions (from what does this key do? to How to align the PA?) are allowed

[external link] Radio Modifications
A Yahoo group discussing modifications at amateur radio equipment


Information up top

[external link] AC6V's Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide
A huge directory!

[external link] Band plans
directly from IARU

[external link] Find QTH locator or map by ES1PUMP

[external link] Amateur radio call search (Germany) [in German language]
by the German radio authority

[external link] HAM Maps by JF9EXF
A lot of maps for amateur radio purposes:
WAC continents, DXCC, CQ zones, ITU zones, ITU regions, QTH locators, beam maps, Japaneese districts

[external link] Internet Ham Atlas by SP6NVK
A lot of maps of "exotic" (seen from European point of view!) regions 

[external link] Prefixes of amateur radio calls by AC6V

[external link] QTH locator calculation and display by DL3BAK
Online calculation of beam directions and distance, conversion of QTH locators in longitude and latitude and vice versa, conversion of the old European QTH locators to Maidenhead format, display in maps

[external link] QTH Locator Grid Finder
QTH locator finder by

[external link] QTH locators with Google Maps by F6FVY
Shows the QTH locator after clicking on the map or finds the map section to a given locator

[external link] Repeaters and digipeaters in Germany [in German language]
After input of geographical coordinates, a city or the QTH locator you'll get a list with all information and a link to Google Maps / Google Earth

[external link] Solar Geophysical Data Dashboard by ON4AA
An information platform with all current short wave propagation related data as graphics.


Services up top

[external link] eQSL
The modern way of sending QSLs.
Requires registration, free basic membership

[external link] eQSO
Software for QSOs via internet (Voice over IP)
Requires registration, for allowence to transmit a amateur radion license has to be verified, for receiving only not

[external link] Logbook of the World by ARRL
Who submits all his QSOs here does not need QSL cards for applying the DXCC awards if the QSO partner did the same. But that's not the only purpose. Available for radio amateurs all over the world.
Requires registration and license approval by ARRL

[external link] Morse Code Ringtone Generator by M1RGZ
This web site generates a downloadable MIDI file from text input.

[external link]
Worlswide call database and much more (discussion forums, market place, ...)

[external link] QSOnet - "Virtual Ionosphere for Radio Amateurs"
Transceiver simulation by software for QSOs via internet (Voice over IP),
unlike Echolink there are no RF interfaces available.
Registration required, annual charge but free for 90 days.

[external link]
A directory of radio amateurs who allow to controll their receivers via a web interface.

[external link] Web controlled short wave receiver by Jeff Chilton
Hear the signals of his receiver in Reston Virginia, USA.

[external link] WebSDR of University of Twente (The Netherlands)
Multiple users can independently from each other control the software defined radio (SDR) on 20m, 40 and 80m. Ingenious!


Software up top

[external link] EZNEC Antenna Software by W7EL
Antenna analysis program

[external link] Ham Radio Deluxe by HB9DRV
Free amateur radio software for Windows with broad functionality

[external link] LM Contest Software by DL8WAA
for retroactive creation, editing and analysis of contest logs

[external link] MMANA-GAL
Antenna analysis program (free for radio amateurs)

[external link] MobileLog by N0HR
Log program for Pocket-PC (PDA)

[external link] MultiPSK by F6CTE
Free software for digital modes

[external link] PocketDigi by OK1IAK
free software for digital modes on Pocket-PC (PDA)

[external link] UcxLog by DL7UCX
Free log and contest software


Technique up top

Technique - antennas up top

[external link] AC6V's Home Brew Antenna Links
A huge link collection of antennas for all requirements

[external link] DK7ZB - Antennas [in German language]/[in English language]
Deatailed descriptions of his home brew antennas (incl. his 28-Ohm-Yagis and DK7ZB-Match)

[external link] K7MEM's Online Antenna Calculator
...and a lot of more calculators (resistors, capacitors, inductors etc.)

[external link] Moxon Antenna Project [in English language]
Theory, calculation and construction of Moxon antennas

Technique - modifications up top

[external link] KB2LJJ Radio Mods Database

[external link] Modifications of amateur radios

[external link] (registration required; only one article per day accessible)

[external link]

Technique - rigs up top

[external link] RigPix Database
Almost all commercial amateur radios of the past and present with technical data and pictures

Technique - rigs - Yaesu FT-817 up top

[external link] HF/RF - Clipper Speech Processor by DF4ZS [in German language]/[in English language]
Not a simple dynamic compressor!

[external link] K6XX's FT-817 pages
with a simplified user's manual, interesting diagrams: current drain and  supply volatge versus output power etc.

[external link] KA7OEI's FT-817 pages
with a lot of tips

[external link] Yaesu FT-817 Links by K8ZT


VHF / UHF up top

[external link] DX Sherlock 1.8 - VHF/UHF QSO real time maps by EA6VQ
shows QSOs of the past hour on a map

[external link] - Home of the DXrobot
DX Cluster for 6m, VHF and UHF

[external link] Make More Miles on VHF
Almost everything you need for 6m, VHF and UHF

[external link] William Hepburn's Worldwide Tropospheric Ducting Forecasts
shows expected tropo conditions similar to a weather map