About me

Thorsten DL3BC

My name is Thorsten and I am a licensed radio amateur since 1982.
My call sign is DL3BC.

As a teenager I was infected by the HAMamateur radio virus by my father (Arno, DC0XV sksilent key (dead)). At the age of 18 (1982) I was licensed with the former German "C" licence which did not require any CWMorse code knowledge but only allowed to transmit on VHFvery high frequency and UHFultra high frequency bands (2 meters and up). My call sign during this time was DC3BT.

In 1983 I learned CW, passed the exam of the former German "B" licence and got my current call DL3BC. Now I was fully licensed for all amateur radio bands (including shortwave). But my interests remained mainly in the 2m band.

After 18 years of almost no activity I started beeing QRVready to transmit again in 2007. Once again only on 2 meters.

Because my antenna building possiblities are a little limited at my home I prefer portable radio operation. My location in Ettlingen (near Karlsruhe) at the edge of the Black Forest, where my XYLwife and I live since 2002, makes it easy to find nice places for this. This and the interest in antenna experiments lead me to the [internal link] SOTA (Summits on the Air) programme.

Furthermore I like [internal link] ARDF (Amateur Radio Direction Finding or radio orienteering), another HAM outdoor activity.

Since January 2008 I own a portable radio which covers all amateur radio bands from 160m to 70cm (the [external link] Yaesu FT-817ND). Now I also operate from home, mainly on the [internal link] shortwave bands (40 to 10m) in digital modes (mainly PSK31). That's why I am member of the [external link] European PSK Club (EPC) and the [external link] 30 Meters Digital Group (30MDG).

All my activities I do with low output power (only 5 Watts). This is called QRP operation. If you never tried it you would not believe what is possible with so little power. Of course in a big pile-up you have almost no chance. But that's not my aim.
I am member of the German QRP workgroup ([external link] DL-QRP-AG).

Furthermore I am member of the German amateur radio club [external link] VFDB, not the [external link] DARC. But the VFDB is associated to the DARC. The VFDB is the club of hams working in telecommunication and post services (mainly at the Deutsche Telekom). This has historical reasons. Since telecommunication and post services were covered by a state owned enterprise (Deutsche Bundespost) in the past the VFDB was sponsored somehow by it. That's still true today. E.g. the Deutsche Telekom rents locations for amateur radio repeaters on their telecommunication towers to the VFDB for lower rates as for commercial use.
But I for myself was never employed by Deutsche Bundespost or Deutsche Telekom. The reason why I am member of VFDB is because my father was member of VFDB (he was employed by Deutsche Bundespost/Telekom before he retired). As a family member I payed a reduced membership fee. And now I am still member although I have to pay the full fee - just for tradition!
Possibly you may wonder why I am member of the VFDB local association in Bremen (DOK: [external link] Z02). This is 600km away from the place I live (Ettlingen). This is also due to tradition! I lived in Bremen the most time of my life, so I stayed in the old local association up to now.